What is Acupuncture?

According to the traditional Chinese philosophy, when the body is in a state, Qi (energy, pronounced Chee) flows freely and in a balanced way through a series of 14 meridian channels within the body. Any underlying problems result in an obstruction or blockage of this energy and there are many factors such as injury, stress, poor diet, infections etcwhich can cause these disturbances.
The body’s meridians are believed to be influenced by special points. Using acupuncture needles, these specific points can be stimulated to balance this flow of Qi and stimulate the body’s own healing response.

What does the Research Say?

Research has been shown to indicate that through Acupuncture, the brain can be stimulated to produce certain chemicals like endorphins to work as a natural pain killer. There is growing evidence to indicate that Acupuncture may be helpful in a variety of conditions including:
▪ Pain and inflammation
▪ Back and neck Pain
▪ Acute / Chronic Injuries
▪ Sports Injuries
▪ Osteoarthritis of the knee
▪ Muscle and joint problems