Podiatry in Ascot


If you have pain in your legs or feet then seeing a Podiatrist might be for you.

Prevention, diagnosing, treating and rehabilitating conditions of the feet and legs is what our hugely experienced Podiatrist can do.

Podiatry specialises in foot and leg biomechanics so if you have pain when you walk or run, then a Podiatrist might be able to correct your foot mechanics using Orthoses.

If that’s not enough, our Podiatrist can treat infections, thickened/fungal nails/skin, calluses, corns, dry cracked heels, verrucae/warts and the list goes on. If you are looking to keep your feet in a healthy and top condition, our experienced Podiatrist can also complete diabetic foot screening and foot health education.

The main message is, if you have a pain in your foot, let us know or if you want advice on how to avoid having pain, get in touch.

Podiatry in Ascot Berkshire

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