Specialist Rehabilitation in Ascot

Specialist Rehabilitation

It is no secret that one of the things that sets us apart clinically is understanding the whole body.  Not just where the pain is, but how this relates to the rest of your body.  That’s why it is not good enough to just look at one area.  When we have had pain, our body can get very good at creating compensatory networks.  This is where the brain creates new pathways in order for us to avoid using a painful area.  This is very clever at the time but can cause problems if we carry on compensating for longer periods of time.

This can happen from having a sprained ankle or sciatica and off loading one side of the body all the way to having Elhers Danlos Syndrome and having to understand how to encourage the muscles to work to support the ligaments around the joints.

What changes our practice is being able to teach your body the right way of working, from understanding how the brain’s compensatory networks are at work in your body, to which muscles might be inhibited or overactive.  That is what Specialist Rehabilitation is all about.  It can include hands on to release a muscle that is too tight, to engaging an inhibited muscle from working.

If you are an elite athlete and need fine tuning (we’ve treated ultra marathon runners, iron men and women, golfers and polo players) or if you need to walk again, we can use our skills to get you there.

Rehabilitation in Ascot

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