Sports Injuries

As Chartered Physiotherapists we are fully qualified professionals with expert knowledge and skills in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries. We treat sports people of all ages and abilities, recreational to elite athletes, athletes with disabilities, teams and individuals.

We are able to:

  • Provide biomechanical analysis of sporting technique and correct muscle imbalance and posture to improve performance and prevent injury.
  • Carry out musculoskeletal screening and give advice on warm up, cool down and exercise programs for the individual to increase flexibility, muscle control and strength.
  • Diagnose acute/chronic injuries and prescribe treatment, exercise and advice in order to optimise your return to sport.

Commonly we treat:

  • Acute/chronic neck and back conditions.
  • Shoulder dislocations.
  • Hip and groin injuries.
  • Knee ligament/cartilage damage.
  • Ankle sprains.
  • Muscular strains/tears.

We provide specialised orthopaedic rehabilitation, utilising our fully equipped gym, following many surgical procedures such as:

  • Ligament reconstruction of the knee.
  • Arthroscopy of the knee, hip and shoulder.
  • Shoulder surgery: Rotator cuff tendon repairs, MUA (manipulation under anaesthetic), subacromial decompression, shoulder stabilisation.
  • Ankle surgery.
  • Joint replacement.