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We understand the body. If you need a muscle released, a stiff joint mobilised, we can help. If you need to re-train your body, to rehabilitate from an operation or injury, we have the facilities and expertise to help. Getting the right muscles and joints to work is in our makeup.

By choosing the right treatment for you, we do things well to get fantastic, long term results for you. We work with the NHS, we partner with local GPs and clubs and we are part of your community.

We use the best evidence base and with the help of our partners, we are used to showing how well we do things. That’s why we can say that we have helped over 80% of people to avoid having a joint replacement since coming on our arthritis programme and how we have increased quality of life and function after completing our intensive programme of care.

That’s why in a survey, 100% of people said they would recommend us to a friend of family member. When we are asked to help, we want to give it 100% and that’s why we have the best rehabilitation equipment alongside hands on therapy to give you the care you need.

So, whether you are an elite athlete or a galloping grandparent, we can help. Whether you need a bad back fixed for good, or a complex chronic pain issue under control, we are with you every step of the way.

6 days a week, early morning and evening appointments, all healthcare insurers covered, there really is no easier way to get started.

Take a look at what we are involved with in the local community and any events we have coming up by looking at our Community Page 

Physiotherapy in Ascot

Specialist Physiotherapy in Ascot

We only have experienced physiotherapists here. We have all worked in different hospitals, clinics, private and NHS, so we have some good experience all round to help you. We are used to working with GPs, Consultants, Personal Trainers, Nutritionists so we can give you an all-round, joined up journey for your care.

Clinical Pilates in Ascot

Going hand in hand with our Rehabilitation is Clinical Pilates.  Clinical Pilates uses the central part of your system, the abdominals, the deep back muscles, the diaphragm and your pelvic floor to give you strength so that you can support your body and move well. 

Clinical Pilates in Ascot
Sports Injury Treatment in Ascot


Have you had an injury playing sport? Have you had an operation and your goal is to return to sport as quickly as possible?  Do you want to get the best outcome of your operation and have some prehab?  Do you need advice on how to stay on top of tight muscles or how to reduce DOMS?  We can help.

Specialist Rehabilitation in Ascot

It is no secret that one of the things that sets us apart clinically is understanding the whole body. Not just where the pain is, but how this relates to the rest of your body. That’s why it is not good enough to just look at one area.
Rehabilitation in Ascot

Specialist Physiotherapy


We only have experienced physiotherapists here.
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Clinical Pilates


Going hand in hand with our Rehabilitation is Clinical Pilates.
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Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries

Have you had an injury playing sport?
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Specialist Rehabilitation


It is no secret that one of the things that sets us apart clinically is understanding the whole body.
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If you have pain in your legs or feet then seeing a Podiatrist might be for you.
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Women’s and Men’s Health

Specialist Physio

Liz Earle is our Specialist Physiotherapist when it comes to Pelvic pain.
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Yes, Physios and Osteopaths work together and make a great team!
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Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain treatment

Have you had pain for more than 3 months? If so, you might have something called Chronic Pain.
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Arthritis Programme

Joint Replacement Avoidance

It is no secret that we have been working with the NHS and partners to provide a joint replacement avoidance programme.
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Home visits

We Come to you

If you are in need of treatment and can’t get to the clinic then book in for a home visit and we can bring the clinic to you.
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We use Acupuncture as one of our many tools to help you.
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Joint Injections

Steroidal Injections

We are lucky enough to work with some experienced doctors who can provide steroidal joint injections.
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Nutritional Therapist

Meet Helen

Helen’s highly specialised work delves into how food can factor into a range of chronic conditions.
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Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave Therapy

We are really excited to introduce Shockwave therapy to the clinic.
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We use Electrotherapy as a modality in our toolkit to treat pain and inflammation.
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